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Hong steel source stainless steel flagpole factory

    Foshan hongxing steel source metal manufacturing co., LTD. Is a collection of entities,The overall shape、The whole polishing、The whole installation and transportation engineering plan implementation of comprehensive,Focus on the flagpole industry development and technical advance of the flagpole entity manufacturers。The main products are stainless steel cone flagpole、Stainless steel electric pole、Stainless steel lamp posts、A flagpole with light pole products such as stainless steel three pole。

   Company with professional industrial tube welding machine,Automatic polishing system,Tons of potential press linkage,Full computer clipping,Microcomputer control technology,Laser cutting stainless steel coil straightening machine and other professional production equipment and production technology。Production of products are mainly for the gym、The square、The hotel、The major4SThe shop、Convention and exhibition center、The school、Government agencies、Forces and so on,With the product quality and service to win the majority of users trust and praise。

   Professional is the result of concentration,With the quality of the products and services to win customer trust and satisfaction,Is our continuous improvement and progress!

  Business contact: Many students 186 8142 3880

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